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lessons from The Miracle At The Hudson for the philippines and filipino voters

after a few more coffee cups, these peculated in my mind, the lessons from the miracle at the hudson that the philippines and filipinos can apply to our country, in no particular order:

  • “Do The Right Thing” works!– There is absolutely no substitute for it. Doing the right thing makes things right, even the wrong ones. If all of those involved do the right thing, then it will be a 100% success even when faced with the worst kind of situation, even when the situation was a sure thing for a catastrophic end.
  • Success starts at the leader doing the right thing. The success of the whole event started with the captain of the airplane, the leader of the flight. This leader first exercised good judgement, kept his cool and applied what he has trained for, executing every step flawlessly at the right sequence at the right time. It was cool and competent leadership from start to finish.
  • The key players need to also do the right thing.  It started with the leader, the captain, but everyone else in the crew down to the government agency rescuers, the captains and crews of the  ferries in the area did the right thing, too. It was a success because it wasn’t just the leader of the floght who did the right thing, those under him, the leaders and teams of those in the river at that time did the right thing as well.
  • Strong, effective and specially competent leadership gets it done right. The passengers as it is expected were of course petrified. Panic and confusion will set in for sure. But the flight crew, who were the leaders on the deck knew what they were doing and showed excellent leadership in controlling the passengers and more importantly in leading them to safety. From the captain down to the flight crew and rescuers – everyone showed strong, effective and competent leadership that got all the passengers to safety.
  • An event deemed to have a catastrophic end can be saved and  its outcome reversed by doing the right thing.It is normal to expect a catastrophic ending when landing a full size airplane into water. Experts were saying the thing to do is to minimize casualties and even that is tough to do. But it did not matter, if the leaders do the right thing, nothing is impossible.


here is a good read at The New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/17/nyregion/17pilot.html?pagewanted=1&_r=1&ref=nyregion


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