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is governor ed panlilio the way out of the cross for the philippines?

ed panlilio was the unlikely winner in the governatorial race in pampanga. he had no money. he had no political machinery. and he ran against someone who had all that and one or two very powerful high governement officials as backers. but Fr Ed Panlilio, The Unlikely won just the same.

and did we mention ed panlilio is a catholic priest?

so now, he has declared he wants to be president. is this unlikely winner and an unlikely candidate poised to win the presidential election in 2010?   is he the country’s salvation from the cross?

  1. April 2, 2009 at 2:35 pm

    I do not vote based on familiarity. I vote on the basis of performance and good intentions. Among Ed may not be as popular as the other candidates coming from various political clans but he has good plans for the country. I know that we have had some bad experiences with the church running the state during the spanish era but somehow, things have changed. We need people regardless of their status, religion and profession who can lead us to genuine reforms.


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