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Colonel Ariel Querubin : February 27, 2006

Standoff at Fort resolved
By Joyce Pangco Pañares and Michael Caber

THE standoff at the Philippine Marines headquarters was resolved peacefully last night when the new commandant declared he was firmly in control of the situation and that he and his men would follow the chain of command.

New Marine commandant Brig. Gen. Nelson Allaga announced the resolution of the crisis at around 10 p.m., when he and Marine Col. Ariel Querubin appeared before a group of reporters in front of the Marine headquarters inside Fort Bonifacio in Taguig City. “We will follow the chain of command, we will follow the Constitution, we will follow the duly constituted authority,” Allaga said, squelching rumors that a new military uprising was in the offing.

The Marines began to leave the compound shortly after to return to their barracks. The crisis began when the commandant of the elite Marines was relieved, which prompted a group of fully armed soldiers under Querubin’s command to gather at the headquarters building in support of their sacked commanding officer, Maj. Gen. Renato Miranda.

read in full: http://www.manilastandardtoday.com/?page=news01_feb27_2006

  1. February 18, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    yan yung kailan ng pilipinas na senador hindi trapo may paninindigan sasarili

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