gilbert teodoro’s “posible” tv ad – a change of strategy to save his campaign

this gilbert teodoro tv ad is the ad that has been getting some controversial air time in the news on rico blanco’s complaint that teodoro used his song in this ad without asking his permission. click here to read our point on view on it:  rico blanco vs. gilbert teodoro on copyright infringement – teodoro should pay up and revise his tv ad.

this is a major change in strategy from his previous tv advertising. (click here to read: gilbert teodoro’s “galing at talino” tv ads – anti-noynoy, anti-humility, generic promises). this ad is all positive and focusses on teodoro’s messages versus the first ad where it had an anti-noynoy aquino reference in saying “dapat hindi lang lider na puso ang alay kung hindi galing at talino“. we did not like those ads before and we had many problems with it.

with this ad, perhaps they saw their error and removed the reference to noynoy aquino. it makes sense as teodoro’s ratings in the ratings hardly moved up while aquino;s has retained his dominant leader position and manny villar continue to move up.

this ad talks about his promises in this election – food security. education and free medicine for the poor. the other half of the ad is the song by rico blanco which is involved in a controversy of  copyright violation by the teodoro campaign.

the “yabang” factor of the previous ad is now gone. teodoro comes out here as more amiable than the first two ads he aired.

the secret weapon of this ad is in truth the song of rico blanco which occupies at least half of the tv ad. it is a familiar song to many and blanco is a very popular singer/composer. to us, there is an obvious effort to appeal to the young voters with the use of the blanco song.

they used a singer in this tv ad who sounded and sang like rico blanco. this is an obvious attempt to give the impression that a superstar composer like rico blanco is endorsing teodoro.

blanco has of course denied he is endorsing teodoto. he also said he was not the singer in the ad but he recognized that the singer sounds very much like him.

that is the part that we cannot understand with the ad agency who did this ad – what is the point of making the singer sound like rico blanco? it is a very risky move as of course the artist might complain and will deny it,

more importantly, what if blanco agrees to endorse another presidentiable? then the whole ad and teodoro’s campaign suffers a big embarrassment.

we go back to the point that we have raised here – we do not think the controversy this tv ad is giving the teodoro campaign is worth it. it is like   getting a large rock and hitting yourself  in the head.

blanco’s song in that ad is easily replaceable.  get another song and replace it and re0air the ad.

with the amount of headache this ad is giving the teodoro campaign, this is a WAWAM!

“Mura at masaganang pagkain para tuluyang mapawi ang gustom..
College graduate sa bawat pamilya…
Libreng gamot para sa mahihirap…

Sulong Gibo
Wag uurong
Pakinggan sa yong puso
Ang sigaw na dati’y bulong...

Narrator: Ang mabilis na pag-ahon, posible lang kay Gilbert Teodoro

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